Integrity, Personal Stake, Values
Candor, Experience, Hands-on
Strategy, Risk Management, Insight
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Goodstone is managed by Stephen Durr,
an investor with 30 years’ experience in
commercial real estate. In the previous
10 years he was responsible for raising
$650 million of debt/equity capital,
and the purchase and/or disposition of
3.6 million sq. ft…

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Through selective acquisitions, hands-on
execution, and timely disposition we strive
to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns.
We conduct all transactions with absolute
integrity and all partner communications
with total candor…

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Goodstone believes that value can only
be created by active and comprehensive
personal involvement, bringing our
considerable experience, ingenuity
and informed judgment to bear on
every aspect of the acquisition —
management — disposition process…

I founded Goodstone LLC because I believe first and foremost in creating value. Prosperity, professional fulfillment and contributions to the community all flow from the creation of that value. When value is created it guarantees that investors will be rewarded, that employees and partners will be treated fairly and with respect, that tenants will be proud to work in our properties. - Stephen Durr, President